FREE Six Week Novel Writing Essentials Course

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Each week from 8th April, when Kaylor Ward’s new novel The Other Side is available to pre-order, until publication on 14th May, a new Lesson will appear here completely free of charge.

The novel writing essentials course is aimed at beginners and people who want to refresh their skills and build confidence. The programme provides you with all the basic essentials that you need to write a novel. It supports you as a writer in two important ways. Firstly, it provides support by helping you to set goals and improve your confidence, and secondly, it provides you with theory and writing practice. This means that you are learning, practicing, developing and growing in confidence over the six weeks. The course is divided into six lessons. Each Lesson is accompanied by a workbook. The workbook for each lesson is available as a PDF.

About the course author

This successful course has been compiled by Kaylor Ward and is being offered here free for six weeks only. Kaylor is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association in the UK, and reviews manuscripts for their New Writers’ Scheme. She has studied Creative Writing at Masters level, is a qualified Writing Coach, and a member of the Association of Writers in Education. Kaylor has 20 years’ experience developing and running training courses and her non-fiction work was Number 1 in the Kindle charts this year. This course is offered free in celebration of the launch of Kaylor Ward’s novel The Other Side on 14th May.

Praise for the course

“I really appreciate all the excellent feedback that you’ve given me. You’ve really given me a confidence boost. Hoping to finish planning and then start my novel this year. Will be taking all your advice on board. I can’t thank you enough.” Writing Group student.

“The 8 point arc plane analogy is brilliant! I think it’s one of the best explanations I know.” RNA New Writers’ Scheme student.

Course Syllabus

This comprehensive course for beginners and improvers starts by helping you to explore your writing goals and your confidence as a writer. Throughout the course the lessons help you to focus on your confidence and build self belief. This is so important because blockages in belief hold many would-be successful writers back. Some call this anxiety Writers’ Block.

The course explores the foundation of a great novel and helps ensure that your foundations are strong. You will learn about plot, plot structure and plot arc; the importance of fiction being believable; developing strong character with conflict and goals; making your dialogue and the unspoken word convey meaning and drive your plot and characters forward; and delivering consistent and effective point of view. In the final lesson you will learn about self editing and will revisit your goals and confidence levels.

Over six weeks you will be expected to spend 2-3 hours working through the lesson and perhaps a little more working through the workbook. The course is free. Should you require feedback on your lesson assignments from Kaylor this can be arranged.

Course dates:

April  8th               Lesson 1 – Writing Fiction, and You

April 15th             Lesson 2 – Plot and Structure

April 22nd             Lesson 3 – Character

April 29th             Lesson 4 – Dialogue

May 7th                 Lesson 5 – Point of view, setting

May 17th              Lesson 6 – After the First Draft